Wednesday, September 19th, 2018


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Quantitative Analysis of Stereological Parameters on Tumor Cell Nuclei in Gliomas with Various Histological Grading
Authors:  Bin-cai Pan, M.Phil., and Hong Shen, Ph.D.
  Objective: To analyze the morphological characteristics of glioma tumor nuclei and provide objective stereological parameters for the precise histological grading of gliomas.
Study Design:
Ninety paraffin-embedded samples of glioma with various histological grading were collected. Routine hematoxylin and eosin staining was performed on each sample. Morphological parameters of the nucleus and the cellular density parameters were evaluated in each sample by computer image analysis technology on random 4-10 fields under the microscope. The relationship between histological grading and related parameters was statistically analyzed.
The nuclear morphological parameters (area, major axis, minor axis, perimeter) of tumor cells were significantly increased in gliomas with higher histological grading (p<0.001). There was significant difference in number density of tumor cells between low- and high-grade gliomas (p<0.001). However, there was no correlation found among the grade II–IV glioma tissues in cellular number density (p>0.05).
Stereological morphological and density features of glioma cells are important diagnostic parameters for histological grading of tumors and might help for accurate diagnosis of gliomas.
Keywords:  brain glioma; density parameter; glioma; histological grading; morphological parameters; stereology
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