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Aneurysm-like Invasion into the Bladder of Pernicious Placenta Previa with Placenta Percreta: A Case Report
Authors:  Yabing Tang, Ph.D., Yiping You, Ph.D., Jing Yang, Ph.D., and Bo Wan, M.D.
  BACKGROUND: Placenta percreta is the most serious abnormally invasive placenta. Newly formed vessels infiltrate into the adjacent tissues and bring greater risks and surgical complications. Management of the newly formed vessels is crucial for effective treatment. CASE: We present a case of placenta percreta in which newly formed vessels infiltrated into the deep bladder base. A 33-year-old woman presented to our hospital at 35 weeks and 5 days of gestation, and a placenta previa was demonstrated via 4-dimensional B-mode ultrasound. Prophylactic lower abdominal aorta balloon occlusion, hysterectomy, and bladder wall resection and repair were performed to control massive intraoperative hemorrhage. The patient received 8 units of packed red blood cells. Convalescence was uneventful.
Successful management of placenta percreta required a qualified and multidisciplinary team approach. The management of the newly formed vessels is crucial for effective treatment.
Keywords:  aorta, abdominal; balloon occlusion/methods; bladder; cesarean section; newly formed vessels; placenta; placenta accreta; placenta dis-eases; placenta percreta; placenta previa; postpartum hemorrhage; pregnancy complications
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