Saturday, September 21st, 2019

Volume 40
Number 6
Hao Wu, M.D., Yuxuan Gao, M.D., Na Liu, M.D., Wei Zhang, M.D., Haigang Shi, M.D., and Hongbo Li, M.D.
Beijing, China

Hülya Ipek, M.D., Gül Dogan, M.D., Güvenç Dogan, M.D., and Engin Deveci, Ph.D.
Çorum and Diyarbakir, Turkey

Dian Fu, M.M., Xiaofeng Xu, M.D., Zhifeng Wei, M.D., Xiaoming Yi, M.M., Chaopeng Tang, M.M., Ping Li, M.M., Quansheng Hu, M.M., Wen Cheng, Ph.D., and Zhiwen Chen, Ph.D.
Chongqing and Nanjing, Jiangsu, China

Liang Wang, M.M., Wei Shi, M.M., Long Zhang, M.M., and Li Bo, B.S.
Tianjin and Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, China

 Letter to the Editors
Francesca Pitto, M.D., Rita Bianchi, M.D., Carlo Toncini, M.D., Valerio G. Vellone, M.D., Ph.D., Maurizio Colecchia, M.D., Gabriele Gaggero, M.D., Giuseppe Fornarini, M.D., and Bruno Spina, M.D.
Genoa and Milan, Italy





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